ITA Enews
ITA Enews is a published newsletter that is automatically emailed to ITA members and contains technical and educational case studies, white papers, and general information about the status of ITA members and projects.


Year 2014

ITA Launches PAA Disinfection Study

Learn about ITAs PAA Study, Meet ITAs new Board members and attend Instrument Professional Development Conferences.

Year 2013

“FREE” Download of ITA BOD5:TOC Correlation Research Report Abstract, Executive Summary & Table of Contents

Meet ITAs new Board member,  learn about ITAs TOC Correlation Study and see the ITA members acknowledged for making the TOC correlation study possible.    

Year 2012

Accurate Flow Measurement in Water Supply Management

Learn about Accurate Flow Measurement, view details about ITA's TOC test report and meet ITA members who contributed to the ITA TOC project.

Year 2011

Do You Really Know Your Flow Rates?

Learn about ITA members, understand flow rates and see ITAs TOC test project.     

Year 2010

Instrument Ownership Data Series: Part 2 — Liquid Flow

Instrument Ownership Data Series: Part 3 — Analytical Instruments 

Meeting the Challenge of Parts Per Billion (PPB) Limits

Year 2009

Instrument Ownership Data Series: Part 1 — Liquid Level Instruments

Using an Economic Tool to Quantify Instrumentation Cost of Ownership

More than 400 Instruments Listed in ITA’s Instrument Specification Database