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Spring 2010

ITA’s President, Saeed Assef, Receives Promotion to Director


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Saeed Assef, ITA’s President was promoted to Director of Infrastructure and Flood Protection Division for Louisville’s Metropolitan Sewer District

Louisville Night Sky

Managing the I&FP Division comes with its challenges due to the enormous amount of wet weather the City of Louisville receives.  Saeed not only has the tremendous responsibility of providing sanitary and drainage service to approximately 250,000 customers but also manages the operation and maintenance of more than 3,200 miles of sanitary sewers, approximately 790 miles of stormwater channels and several drainage basins.  Saeed also oversees the District’s Combined Sewer Systems (CSO) that includes Nine Minimal Control (CSO) and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) with more than 29 miles of floodwall and levee.

CSO Nine Minimum Controls

US EPA’s Nine Minimum Controls include:

1. Proper operation and regular maintenance of sewer and combined sewer system overflows (CSOs)

2. Maximum use of the collection system for storage

3. Review and modification of pretreatment requirements to assure CSO impacts are minimized

4. Maximization of flow to the publicly owned treatment works for treatment

5. Prohibition of CSOs during dry weather

6. Control of solid and floatable materials in CSOs

7. Pollution prevention

8. Public notification to ensure that the public receives adequate notification of CSO occurrences and CSO impacts

9. Monitoring to effectively characterize CSO impacts and the efficacy of CSO controls.

As Director, Saeed serves as a member of the Executive Team, representing the Sanitary, Drainage and Flood Protection Departments for Louisville MSD Board meetings, public meetings and dealing with Regulatory Agencies.  Saeed works closely with the elected officials and MSD’s Executive Director while also sharing responsibility with other executive management teams to meet the needs of MSD customers.

Saeed has been with Louisville MSD for 22 years working his way up the ladder by starting with the organization in 1988 as a Design Engineer and Project Manager.  After only 3 years, Saeed was promoted to Louisville's Sewer District’s Construction Contract Administrator in 1991.  Six years later, Saeed accepted a promotion as an Area Team Leader for MSD in 1997 and held that position for six years, until 2003, when he was promoted to MSD’s I&FP Division Senior Manager.  In late 2009, Saeed accepted his current position as Director of MSD’s I&FP Division.  Prior to beginning his career with Louisville MSD, Saeed worked for many Construction and Engineering firms, both in the U.S. and overseas, as a Senior Vice President, Operations Manager, and Chief Engineer, where he supervised and assisted on design, construction and design/build projects.  Saeed started his career, working his way through college and graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Louisville, Kentucky.

To say that Saeed is active member of the wastewater community is an understatement.   Saeed is a member of more than 10 professional organizations including the American Society of Civil Engineers  (ASCE), Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers  (KSPE), National Society of Professional Engineers  (NSPE), American Public Works Association  (APWA), Water Environment Federation  (WEF), American Concrete Institute  (ACI), Construction Owners Association of America (COAA), Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), Kentuckiana Contractor User Council (KCUC) and of course, the Instrumentation Testing Association (ITA). 

In addition to volunteering as ITA’s President and serving on ITA’s Board of Directors, Saeed also donates his technical experience and expertise as an active participant in more than six professional committees including the Louisville Loop Steering Committee; WERF Security Team Sub-Committee; WEF Residuals and Biosolids Technology Team Sub-Committee; University of Louisville Civil & Environmental Engineering School ABET, Advisory Council; and the Ohio Bridges Advisory Team.  Additionally, Saeed has served or is currently serving as President for four other professional organizations including Past President of Louisville Branch ASCE; Past President of State ASCE Scholarship Committee; President of Louisville Chapter KSPE Scholarship Committee; and President of Louisville Branch ASCE Scholarship Committee.

ITA is very fortunate to have such a prominent professional in the industry, to represent ITA as President.  Saeed has been honored by other organizations in appreciation of his participation and achievements by presenting him with the following distinguished awards:

· 2008  KSPE State of Kentucky Engineer of the Year Award in Government

· 2008  KSPE Louisville Chapter Outstanding Achievement Award in Government

· 2003  APWA Project Of The Year Award

· 1999  KSPE Award of Achievement

· 1999  KSPE Achievement in Construction

· 1999  ASCE Special Recognition Award

· 1998  ASCE Distinguished Service Award

· 1996  ASCE Distinguished Service Award

· 1995-96  ASCE Presidents Award

· 1995  Process Safety Management

· 1994  ASCE Certificate of Appreciation (for Scholarship Fund)

· 1993-94  KSPE President's Award

· 1993  MSD Certificate of Appreciation

· 1991  ASCE Certificate of Appreciation

Saeed not only contributes his time and expertise through professional organizations but he has also conducted several technical and professional seminars and authored, co-authored and/or presented the following published papers:

· Project Delivery and Procurement Challenges in Implementing a Large Scale SCADA System (Chicago, IL 2002)

· Cellular Digital Packet Data:  Expanding an Existing Telemetry/SCADA System  (Chicago, IL  2002)

· Improved Capital Program Implementation Through Watershed Team Reorganization  (Chicago, IL  2002)

· Field Verification of Performance and Total Odor Removal Optimization of Odor Control Systems  (Chicago, IL  2002)

· Odor Control Master Plan:  A Proactive, Defensible Method of Odor Control (Chicago, IL  2002)

· Operations Under Fire:  Keeping the Plant Running During a Multiple Capital Project Improvement Plan  (Chicago, IL  2002)

· Implementing SCADA & Automation to Support Louisville MSD’s Strategic Business Plan (Atlanta, GA 2001)

· Using Predictive Modeling Tools & Temporary Treatment Methods to Meet Effluent Limits During Construction Outages: Pulling Out all of the Stops  (Atlanta, GA 2001)

· Protesters at the Gate – Dealing w/ Environmental Justice Issues in Replacing Louisville MSD’s Regional Solids Handling System  (Atlanta, GA 2001)

· Alternative Project Delivery Nets Louisville MSD Long-Sought, Innovative Solution for Biosolids  (Atlanta, GA 2001)

· Action Plan for the New Millennium – Louisville MSD Utilizes a Multi-Variable Risk Model to Support Long-Range Service Area Planning  (Atlanta, GA 2001)

· Selecting Alternative Project Delivery Strategies For Public Utilities – Louisville MSD “Lessons Learned”  (Anaheim, CA 2000)

· “Do You Smell That?  Field Verification of Odor Control Systems” article published in July 2003 Issue of Water Environment & Technology magazine (Vol. 15, No. 7, Pgs. 37 - 40)

As ITA President, Saeed has been very active in the planning and development of ITA projects and oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization.  It is a great honor and privilege to have Saeed as ITA’s President. Please join in congratulating Saeed for his remarkable career and newly appointed promotion at Louisville MSD.