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Darrol Weiss of Calgary’s Water Resources is Elected to ITA’s Board

             arrol Weiss, City of Calgary’s  Water Resources’ Process Computer Systems Coordinator in Alberta, Canada, was elected to ITA’s Board of Directors.

Darrol with his extensive control system experience was asked by the City of Calgary to lead the maintenance for City’s Water Services control system.

Calgary’s Water Services department oversees the planning, design, operation, maintenance and upgrades of not only two water treatment plants and a complex network of underground pipes, water mains, reservoirs and pump stations but also three wastewater treatment facilities and storm drainage systems, serving more than 1 million customers.  Darrol Weiss, is responsible for overseeing the instrumentation and control systems for these treatment, storage and conveyance systems. 

Darrol Weiss
Coordinator, Process Computer Systems
The City of Calgary
Water Resources
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary’s Distributed Control System (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are used to monitor upstream riverflow conditions monitor and control pump and lift stations; and collection and storage levels as well as monitor and control water and wastewater parameters for the City’s treatment plants.  

Process control data is combined and displayed in PI Historian, which are used by the City of Calgary to run day-to-day operations.  Historical information is also captured and stored for use by Calgary’s Water Resources team, who use this information for development planning, future trending and flood preparation.

Darrol is working to consolidate, standardize and improve the City’s existing control system to advance operations and future trending capabilities. 

  “Recently we began working with Infrastructure Delivery and Field Services to enter lift-station data into SCADA,” Darrol said. “Having this information within the system will give us better monitoring and response times should the need arise.”

Darrol is also active in the industry serving as a podcast interviewer for The Fieldbus Foundation podcast forum.

Please join in welcoming Darrol Weiss to ITA’s Board of Directors.